Great News for Millions of Smart Phone users with Broken Glass Screens!

Safe Swipe Protects Your Fingers

Protects Your Fingers

We have seen them everywhere we go, we might have had one, or currently have one; a broken glass screen on our smartphone. Glass screen replacements can cost between $100 – $250 and for many users, these costs can lead

How Safe Swipe Works

How it Works!

Buy a bottle to have around when you break your screen, buy a bottle now because you just broke your screen, buy a bottle and keeping using your touch screen device! Safe Swipe creates a new liquid glass coating over

See Safe Swipe in Action

See It in Action

Watch how simple Safe Swipe is to apply. Dries fast, leaves your screen smooth to the touch.

Safe Swipe Saves You Time and Money

You know you see them almost every day, people walking around using phones with cracked screens.

There are stores that can replace these glass screens, cell phone cases that can prevent these broken screens from happening, but when it comes down to it, time and money prevent millions of users from fixing their broken glass screens.

See the Facts on Broken Screens

For Emergencies, this Handy Glue is Invaluble

I now keep one of these in my work truck, just in case I drop my phone on the job. Last year, I dropped my phone on asphalt when I was out in the middle of nowhere. My screen was crumbled and totally non-responsive. With no other way to communicate, I had to drive hundreds of miles home without even completing my service call.

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